Hey. I’m Rich, a web developer from Sydney, Australia with 20 years experience building web applications.

In early 2016 I stumbled across serverless applications and it totally blew my mind away. Finally I could build and deploy fully scalable applications without needing to worry about pesky details like setting up, maintaining and scaling infrastructure. It made so much sense.

Since then I’ve been on a journey to port all of my side projects from existing platforms to a serverless architecture.

This site is part of that journey. I plan to create 1-2 new articles or videos each week about building serverless apps as I learn how to do it.

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If you have any topics related to building serverless apps that you’d like me to write about then email rich@buggy.id.au or ask me on Twitter @richbuggy. I’m happy to write about both back end and front end topics.

Thanks for stopping by - Rich